Time To Get Your Hands On The No1 Secret To Motocross Success And Finally Complete A Full Moto At Full Speed.

Who Else Wants To Start Their Next Race With More Strength, Speed, Stamina, Endurance & Agility? More Importantly Who Wants To Finish It With A Personal Best Time, A Great Result And Masses Of Confidence?

This is your unique opportunity to discover how to strengthen your racing muscles and get your body systems firing on all cylinders. A fitter rider is a better rider - become a better rider

You may ride the best equipment money can buy, you may have incredible raw talent as well as “balls of steel” but still THIS IS OFTEN NOT ENOUGH..... You need another edge!

Picture the scene. You arrive at your weekend moto full of confidence with great expectations. Practice was great, your bike is prepped and ready, your kit is sorted and you’ve got a great grid slot – but 20 minutes later your back in the paddock covered in dirt and dust, sweating like a pig with nothing to show for all your efforts. Worse still your buddy hit the hole shot and claimed yet another race victory. Sounds all too familiar, right?

bullet Are you sick of missing out on those podium places?
bullet Are you tired of falling in the corners?
bullet Are you always getting stuck in the ruts and mud
bullet Do you constantly miss the racing line
bullet Are you scrubbing your speed when your rivals are not
bullet Are you cutting your jumps, missing out on “big air”, big time
bullet Do you slow to a crawl in the final laps
bullet Do you lose your grip and desperately hang on for the chequered flag?

bullet Do you want to go faster?
bullet Do you want to have more fun?
bullet Do you want to be more competitive?
bullet Do you want better results?
bullet Do you want fewer injuries?
bullet Do you want quicker lap times

So what if I told you that you can get guaranteed improvements and faster lap times within weeks. Improvements that will last you for years to come, and improvements that will cost you less than a decent pair of goggles. Not only that but you can download the solution right now and start your quest for faster lap times within minutes.

It’s called GETFITRIDEFAST and you can get it right now. GETFITRIDEFAST is the most complete fitness training package ever designed for YOU the Amateur Off Road Racer and Weekend Warrior.

Guaranteed to get your body in better condition to get you more from the sport you love.

Dear rider

My name is Mike, I am a UK based College/University Lecturer specialising in Exercise and Fitness, a Qualified Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, passionate motorcycle fan, father to a motocross racer and the author of GETFITRIDEFAST. If you race in the UK, who knows, maybe we have crossed paths a few times.

Fitness is an essential part of our everyday life, in general the fitter we are, the more capable we are at coping with life’s challenges and the more we can accomplish. Good fitness is also essential for improved sporting performance and this is especially so in the extremely competitive and physically demanding sport’s of Motocross, Supercross, Snocross, Endurocross, Quad racing, Jet Ski racing and all other forms of off road motor sport.

Virtually every weekend, just like the rest of you, I spend the majority of my time out in the countryside, covered in dust and dirt, surrounded by the smell of petrol and oil, the noise of powerful bike’s and excited by the prospect of witnessing some of the most exciting and competitive sport to be found anywhere – amateur motocross.

The passion, enjoyment, determination, competition and camaraderie found in amateur off road racing is simply magical and it’s happening every weekend in all conditions in all terrains all across the globe. That’s why you do it, right!
For a few seasons now, my son has been competing in amateur motocross events; racing in the AMCA leagues in the United Kingdom, the enjoyment he gets from his riding is priceless. I have a saying that I like to use,

“A bad days racing is better than a good day in work”.
If you make the start line life is great.

(There he is 10 in from the right, white helmet)

Good results bring huge smiles and confidence galore, other days are simply superb regardless of the results.

Just like you, my son has had is fair share of results, some great days, some disasters and some lucky days also. He has had many wins and many losses.

But come what may the next weekend, just like every amateur racer, he gets out of bed bursting with enthusiasm, sporting a huge grin, all in the hope and anticipation that yet again a great day will be coming his way, possibly a win, maybe a trophy or two but definitely a great day out.

“In my opinion every racer is a winner”

But just like you, he wants more. More speed - More excitement - More success - More fun - More trophies.

And why not, he tries hard enough, just like you do.

However on show every weekend throughout the paddock, it is often, not a lack of skill, not a lack of desire, not a shortage of ambition, not a scarcity of fast machinery or even in some instances a lack of serious money that stops most riders from getting more of what they crave.

Don’t get me wrong, compared to your average Joe, Off Road Racers and Riders are pretty fit, but if you want to get the most out of your physically challenging events, to cope with the stresses imposed by rough terrain and demanding obstacles, increased conditioning is essential.

As you probably know, off road riding has been proven to be one of the most physically demanding activities there is, you need to be up to it and you need to keep it that way. It is often evident that the fittest riders are the ones having the most fun.

As an experienced fitness coach it was obvious to me that skill and determination alone does not always get the job done.

A fact that has not gone unrecognised by professional riders the world over, or by the small but increasing number of amateur weekend warriors out on your local track, that have now decided to improve their physical conditioning.

After many requests for assistance and advice I decided to put together a conditioning package specifically focused on the needs of the weekend racer and all part time throttle jockeys.

I thought my brief would be simple, design a training programme that closely followed the amateur racing season and took into consideration the needs of the weekend rider. Contain exercises that best replicated the demands off road riding and also allowed time for the busy lifestyles of the amateur racer and weekend rider.

It also had to provide for consistent improvements in physical conditioning during pre-season and the race-season, cover the various components of fitness and utilise as little specialist equipment as possible. In addition it also had to allow for varying degrees of personal fitness, poor through to very good and even accommodating those who currently have excellent conditioning.

In fact not a very simple task at all, as you can see it was a pretty tall order. This is maybe the reason why - there simply is not another fitness programme available anywhere that covers as much and provides as much specific and targeted conditioning, purposely designed for you the weekend rider.

Don't be mistaken in thinking that Getfitridefast is just another motocross book with pretty pictures and no content.

And don't go missing out on this unique opportunity to put your fitness worries behind you - and the rest of the pack as well.

Try searching for yourself, there are some basic programmes here and there and lots of great advice is freely available, but know one (until now) has put together a purpose made system with readymade workouts for a full race season and beyond

My superb new programme covers every aspect of improving your racing fitness. For less than the cost of a good pair of goggles and gloves you can get a whole year of specialist off road fitness workouts delivered straight to your lap top or desk top.

Special introductory offer of 29.95 (approx $47.00) Usual retail price $69.95

That's over 200 specific targeted fitness sessions all designed to improve rider fitness

Why do so many riders go looking for more power from their equipment when most modern machinery already has more speed and acceleration than they know what to do with?

- Face up to it, apart from those in the expert classes, most riders simply cannot utilise the full potential of the equipment that sits beneath them.

: Why not spend your hard earned cash on expensive tuning

- Because you won’t be able to actually handle the extra power out on track?

Why not fit an expensive exhaust package –

- If it were that simple you would do, and so would all your rivals

Why not purchase new boots and goggles and get that comfy confident feeling-

- You need to get real and stop becoming a fashion victim my friend!

: Why not buy yourself a better machine –

- That’s a lot of cash to take a chance with. Is it not better to become a faster rider regardless of what machine you ride?

No doubt you have tried some of these options with little if any success.
Time to think about a new approach. The riders who are beating you up and leaving you in their roost each week are not riding some super charged monster direct from the factory team. That’s right; they are simply riding standard stock bikes straight from the local dealership, just like you. They may have a little tuning here and there (you may have to) and maybe a touch more talent, but they are not the next James Stewart, Ryan Dungey or Josh Coppins. So what gives them the edge – my guess is simply this..... Better physical conditioning. Well now is the time to fight back, get the edge over your competitors and finally let your bike get on with what it does best, GOING FAST.

Superb physical conditioning has always been seen as the exclusive right of the professional rider.

Something that the weekend warrior would simply admire, but not aspire to. But not anymore.

The training regimes of the professional riders are tough, make that very tough, and to be honest most weekend throttle jockeys would do well to avoid following suit. The result would be more pain than gain. Well now there is a better solution and you can get your dirty hands on it right now

Use my Getfitridefast system as you’re done for you blueprint to increased fitness and off road enjoyment.

“Turning in for work on a Monday morning used to be a nightmare, my bones, joints and muscles used to kill me. Mike’s programme got me into shape, no more pain, no more days off work. Sorting out my fitness was one of the best investments I ever made. Me and my bike are friends again.

Les Molloy YZ 250F
Tuning your body is just as important as tuning your motor

We have been tuning and servicing off road motorcycles for over 20 years, we know a thing or two about getting the most out of your bike. Our customers come back time and time again, often in search of more power and better handling.

When it comes to tuning the rider we have the answer too. We recommend GETFITRIDEFAST, it’s the right tool for the job. Getting a bike into top condition is what we do, with the GETFITRIDEFAST fitness system - getting your body into top condition is what you should do.

Stuart at

Get into winning ways with better fitness, A fitter rider is a faster rider

21 Moto’s - 21 race wins, 18 second place finishes, 11 third place finishes, 10 overall event wins, 7 overall second place finishes, 2009 Regional Championship Winner and Regional Top Point Scorer.

My dad sorted out my training and I had a winning season. This year I intend to follow his GETFITRIDEFAST system even more so. Maybe you should too. Bring it on!!


GETFITRIDEFAST is easy to follow, cheap, very effective and delivers added health benefits away from the track.

Just one general fitness session with a personal trainer could cost you anything from $50 to $100 for a single hour of their time.

But, for the current introductory cost of 29.95 (approx $47.00) my programme will give you over 200 targeted and specialist training workouts. Workouts that your local personal trainer won’t know about. Workouts that you won’t get down your local gym, workouts that work- big time!


That’s less than 25 per session to you, a real no-brainer.

You get to train specifically for the sport you love

And you will love the results you get

Thanks to the internet and the simplicity of electronic transfers and downloads I can get my training system into the hands of hundreds of riders just like you with no need for expensive storage and shipping costs.

The benefit to you – a massive 99% discount compared to the cost of hiring me as your personal trainer.

GETFITRIDEFAST is the most comprehensive all in one purpose made training programme specifically designed for the amateur off road racer. There simply is no other system like it available anywhere else.

What does this mean for you?

bullet Improved strength
bullet Improved stamina
bullet Improved reaction times
bullet Improved muscular endurance
bullet Improved agility
bullet Improved co-ordination
bullet Improved speed
bullet Improved grip strength

Look at it this way, if you are thinking about your fitness (or rather your lack of it) when out on track, then quite simply you are not concentrating enough on your riding and the conditions laid out in front of you.

That spells trouble, that spells danger and that means scrubbing your speed and letting others go by.

With GETFITRIDEFAST you get in shape off track so you can concentrate on the track- when on the track

bullet Go faster
bullet Be more competitive
bullet Get better results
bullet Sustain fewer injuries
bullet Have more fun

You cannot and should not train as the pro riders do.

They have the time, the means, the money, the facilities and the personal trainers to do it their way. You the hard working weekend warrior simply do not.

That’s right; the pro riders are super quick and super fit. If you were given the chance to race them they would leave you for dead.

You know it and they know it.

If you had the chance to hit the gym with them, guess what? That’s right; yet again they would leave you for dead. They are fit and you would know it

I know that you could simply search the internet and find thousands of great fitness and strength, even body building programmes to follow, they are everywhere.

But I also know you will not find (excluding one or two exceptions) fitness programmes that will get you, the weekend warrior, riding with greater vitality, vigour, strength, agility and confidence.

Not until know that is

With my GETFITRIDEFAST system you too can train as a pro rider without training like a pro rider.

The GETFITRIDEFAST conditioning programme is the only one stop solution to greater conditioning specifically catering for the sport you love.

Get out of the gate and get a start on your competition. Download the whole programme today.

In less than the time it takes to put on your riding gloves you can be on your way to a better body, being a better ride AND GETTING BETTER RESULTS.

GETFITRIDEFAST does exactly what it says on the label, it gets you fitter so you can ride faster.

Simple to follow, easy to complete (almost!), and quick to access GETFITRIDEFAST is the total fitness package. Whether you just want to get in shape in the pre-season or really challenge yourself all year round, the GETFITRIDEFAST system will get you in the best shape of your riding life.

I’ll be honest with you my fitness system will not make you a world beater. But will it make you a fitter and faster rider? I BELIEVE IT WILL and it just might get you a championship trophy in the process.

A fitter rider is a faster rider

Start getting faster right now

GETFITRIDEFAST was purposely made to provide everything you need to get the results you want.

Off Season, Pre Season and Race Season all covered.

*Warm ups *mobilisation *strength training *cardio conditioning *circuit training *flexibility *nutrition *home based exercises *adapted exercises. The GETFITRIDEFAST system has it all

Specifically designed to provide the total training package, taking you through your complete season and beyond.

GETFITRIDEFAST gives you every single workout you will ever need to get into great racing condition

GETFITRIDEFAST contains over 200 tailor made workouts

It really is the most comprehensive all in one fitness package for anybody who is serious about their off road riding.

Remove the guess work and complete the success work.

Here is a quick peep at the system contents
bullet Active recovery – how to recover from the previous season while addressing some of your weaker areas
bullet Strength promotion – how to gradually increase your poundage in the gym
bullet Why general fitness training programmes just won’t cut it for your sport
bullet Functional training – how to add this to your training to promote greater gains
bullet The habits of good nutrition – eating for health
bullet Strength training – the foundation phase on which your fitness rests
bullet Recovery time – when and how to structure some well earned rest
bullet Race preparation stage – adjusting your training to compliment your on track practice
bullet Race conditioning stage – transferring your fitness gains from the gym to the track
bullet Warming up – why it’s not just your bike that needs some warm up revs
bullet Maintenance and race conditioning – maintaining your fitness progress as your season unfolds
bullet Intensity training – exercises sessions that replicate your riding intensity
bullet Raised intensity stage – for those willing and able to push for greater gains
bullet Stretching – why you need it and how to do it

Improving your fitness off track delivers big improvements on track

Improve your speed. Improve your confidence, Improve your results, Reduce your chances of injury and provide a greater opportunity to have much more fun, where it matters - out on track and in your weekend races.

How often do your hear the pro riders shouting about what a great ride they had “I was out there having fun man” is what they always say.

When the top riders stand on the podium with not a bead of sweat in sight, reeling of their sponsors names? Do you lie on the ground unable to put your bike back on its stand?

When the top riders run back to their pit crew, eager to talk about their triumphs, or make adjustments to their settings? Do you slump in your chair wishing someone would ride your next race for you?

Next moto, the top riders are all lined up raring to go, pumped to the max eying up the hole shot. Do you line up feeling battered and bruised staring at the first corner as if it were a junkyard dog just waiting to bite.

Are you ready to do something about it? If the answer is yes you need GETFITRIDEFAST

Don’t spend your hard earned cash tuning up your machinery when tuning up your body will provide bigger and better results.

Take chunks out of your lap times, improve your confidence and provide countless improvements to your general health and well being.

My superb new programme covers every aspect of improving your racing fitness. For less than the cost of a good pair of goggles and gloves you can get a whole year of specialist off road fitness workouts delivered straight to your lap top or desk top.


What have you got to loose - apart from more fun, more strength, more stamina, more endurance, more agility, fewer injuries and more trophies in your cabinet?

I Look forward to you becoming a fitter rider and a faster rider.

Your Trainer

Mike Stephens

PS - Have you been using those traditional gym workouts from Men’s Health or Flex magazine that get you those sexy six-pack abs and bulging biceps but still give you arm pump?

Then give my GETFITRIDEFAST programme a try and I’ll show you how to train SMARTER

Bonus Product

If you are a regular visitor to e-book and on line sales systems you may well be asking “where are the obligatory extras”? Well sorry to disappoint you, there are none. I could have left sections out of the Training System and offered them to you as free gifts, enticing you to purchase, giving you the impression that you are getting lots of bonuses and therefore greater value. I won’t do that.

GETFITRIDEFAST is the complete package; the extras that many would offer are already included.

PPS – I personally guarantee your results with my no messing money back promise. If you do not start to feel fitter and fresher from following the GETFITRIDEFAST programme, just let me know within 60 days and I will happily return your payment, and you still get to keep your purchase. Any questions, queries or problems, just drop me a line at

Order Now

GETFITRIDEFAST is a downloadable Training System. You will not receive any physical products in the post. When you order, you get INSTANT ACCESS to download the GETFITRIDEFAST Training System onto your PC. The Training System format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.


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